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Recorded at
Paris Dungeon
Cover Art:
Daniel Artgrinder


released January 12, 2017

Julius Bloodaxe - Guitar
Laamp - Drums
Dick Nekrowulf - Guitar & Vox



all rights reserved


GOAT WAR hell, Michigan

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Track Name: Goathammer
Forged beneath the winter moon
Cursed black by heaven's light
The soul was damned for blasphemy
For bringing on the earth's plight


The hammer quenched by ruined souls
The corpses slaves to the master's might
They serve on through the wielder's death
To kill 'em all as is their right
Track Name: Fuck Possessor
Blood clenched in his fist fire in his eyes
Crimson axe on his back destruction on his side
Never ending thirst for death and lust between his thighs
Harlot's blood upon his spear when they feel his size

He is the fuck possessor
Terror is what he rides
If you cross his path
It's time to fucking die

His axe cleaves through the flesh the cunt hits the ground
In his dying breath the foe tells of powers bound
The one who wields the hammer the strongest man around
He sets off on his quest the relic must be found

Extreme aggressor
He brings a bloody tide
An endless rain of death
All life will be denied
Track Name: Warwolf
Scaling the mountain fighting through snow
In search of the valley of bones
His skin grows rough his blade forced dull
This obsession has taken it's toll

He reaches the peak the hammer in sight
His eyes turn red his blood boils hot he feels that the end is nigh
Before him remains those who fell
Descending the ridge through visions of hell nothing can stop
The warwolf

Marching to glory dead set on his goal
Trekking through piles of skulls
His vision corrupted by lustful greed
The corpses rush towards their maul

Behind him arises the horror of death
The victims cursed by the hammer's strike have taken away his breath
He cleaves through bone with fury from hell
They reject their grave and will never cease they return to battle
The warwolf

Overwhelmed by chaos
His blood feeds the ground
His fist reaches out
The hammer has been found
Track Name: Black Grave
Skeletons marching on
Until every life is gone
The wolf brings endless war
To make the land his whore
(the hammer starves on)
He storms on through the bog
To the castle in the fog
(his plague spreads on)

Black grave

Watching from the tower
Zoldar runs and cowers
Revealed by his crystal ball
His empire soon would fall
(black magic called forth)
Walls crumble to the ground
No minions to be found
(warwolf comes forth)

Lightening clashes steel as they battle to the death
The sorcerer calls on hell before he draws his final breath